Thursday, March 26, 2015

Appointment Rescheduled

Today we had an appointment with our pulmonologist at 10:30. Unfortunately, her nurse called us around 8:30 and advised us that the Dr. had a personal problem arise (prayers that all is well) and we needed to reschedule our appointment for Tuesday at 2:00.  I feel like this Dr. appointment is going to be filled with good news since they have rescheduled us for a date next week vs Friday or Monday. Fingers Crossed!!

Roanan was very excited to get out of his appointment today!!

23+ in
Smiles 24/7
Loves to eat
Can hold his head up temporarily
Enjoys baths & being naked
Sleeps wonderfully
Coughs occasionally
Strongly dislikes his vitamins
"You've been a blessing from the start, I love you son with all my heart."


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