Monday, March 23, 2015

CF vs The Lottery

Being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis doesn't feel like winning the lottery. It doesn't fill your heart with joy and your pockets with cash, but it does change your life and the way you view it. I imagine that by winning the lottery you would feel proud and invincible like the world was your oyster. You would go buy all the things you always dreamed of and help a few charities along the way. You would wake up in mansion and have someone bring you coffee with the fancy leaf in the foam and you wouldn't even notice it. Why? Because your barista puts that little complex leaf on it every morning. You wouldn't even notice your exquisite chandelier in the dining hall, because it's there every day and you don't have to worry about it changing or gradually losing it shine. With CF however, you do notice the little things. Already we have noticed the sun shining a little brighter and found beauty in the rain. We have learned that every moment deserves to be cherished and in the blink of an eye anything can change. Everyday we watch for signs of CF. We document every bowel movement, every cough, every spit up, and continually check R's temperature. Everyday we are concerned about Roanan losing his shine by gaining Cystic Fibrosis symptoms. Of course winning the lottery would change your life, but all the money in the world would never give you what CF is giving us. CF is giving us hope, and we are beginning to embrace the world as our oyster. It is showing us how to love unconditionally, and we are becoming invincible. It is teaching us to be thankful for the things we don't understand.

We have way more than the lottery could ever give us. We have the greatest son in the world, who is teaching us everyday the meaning of life.


  1. I have no words to describe how I feel. I am so sad and upset that your perfect little boy has to endure this journey. But I am sooo proud of you for your positive attitude and the stand you are taking against letting this disease define who he is. I know you have to be angry and think that it is unfair, because it is. But instead of shaking your fist at God, through this blog you are showing Roanan and the world that you trust and draw your strength from Him. I can tell that you are absolutely positively in love with your precious baby, and that you are overwhelmingly proud of him. One day he will be overwhelmingly proud of you as well. He couldn't have a better mother standing in his corner. Thank you for allowing me to join in his rebellion. I love you both. I will pray for you, and seth, and roanan, daily.

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