Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Whats Next?

Today as I was telling someone about R having CF, and they posed the question "whats next?"

Next we will take it one breath at a time...

Currently we are waiting for blood work and a stool sample to come back. The blood work will tell what mutation Roanan has, and the stool sample will show how his digestion is and if we need to begin enzymes. We will get these results on Thursday when we go see our pulmonologist.

As parents our plan for the future is to raise a healthy, respectful, caring, man of God. Who will live a life full of adventure and happiness. Seth and I believe that R will be a stellar athlete. Which will help his CF and make his everyday life easier due to the large amount of physical activity that sports provide. We will raise R to believe in himself and to know that he can do anything that he can imagine. He will know that he is loved and cherished. Our goal is to help Roanan embrace life. For him to be able to say, "I lived, I did  it all."

Every dream, goal, and "I wish" is what me and Seth want to help R achieve. If we can do that, then we accomplished our goal as parents.

I Lived, by One Republic, sums up what we plan for Roanan.

That's whats next for the Bragdons.


  1. That is a wonderful plan for any parent to have. (and I hope he gets his athletism from his father ;)

  2. Anonymous is me, Sheila. (Another unathletic mother :) Just getting use to this blogging thing... sorry. Love u.

  3. Your words are so inspirational. Your determination to find a cure is to be commended. Your love for you child and for our Heavenly Father is unmeasurable. My prayers are with each of you . I love you so very much .