Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Day Full of Pulmonolgy & Radiology

0830: pulmonologist appointment
0845: vitals. 13lbs 100 pulse ox 97 temp
0915: Dr evaluation. Stomach tenderness detected. Lungs clearer than yesterday, thank the Lord.
0920: Appointment at 1300 for a gastrografin enema (due to abdominal tenderness & blob on yesterday's x-ray)
0930: Meeting with geneticist. Discussed how CF is inherited, how R got it from us, the history of CF, the severity of ∆F508, the unknown knowledge of IVS8-12TG, CF statistics, the options for CF and any possible children in the future.
1000: Received paperwork necessary for today's procedure. The Dr described the gastrografin procedure in detail. AWas advised that Roanan couldn't eat after 1100.
1030: Went to Petsmart to buy Lela, who was in the car, lunch. Fed R in the car.
1100: Fed Lela outside of Longhorn and let her potty. Changed R's clothes, somehow his diaper leaked everywhere.
1120: Ate lunch at Longhorn.
1200: Bought Seth shorts at champs, the sweats he had on had grew a hole...
1230: Arrived at JC medical center and completed administration paper work.
1245: We were taken back to radiology.
1300: The procedure was explained in higher detail and the contrast was prepared. Roanan was stripped down to his birthday suit
1320: Everything was ready to begin. R was placed on the table and the gastrografin enema began. Roanan laid face up on the table and was moved side to back to side as the dye inched up his intestine. We watched it moving through his system on a monitor. (R didn't make a peep!)
1340: Procedure Complete! Diaper reapplied and R ate like a pig.
1350: R asleep. We had to wait an hour prior to departing.
1425: The radiology tech. asked if R had a bm, he had not.
1430: tried to rub R's belly to encourage bm, didn't work. However, he did wake up and we dressed him.
1500: Radiology tech returned, still no bm. Advised we had to come back tomorrow at 1300 for another scan.
1515: Began the journey home.

* A gastrografin enema is an X-ray of the large intestine that includes the colon and rectum. It is used to diagnose problems such as obstructions and perforations in the bowel. It is also used to relieve constipation. R's intestines were "sticking together"  like a balloon inside a balloon. Tomorrow will confirm the success of the procedure*

Today was a long day! But we are so blessed that we have doctors who have the knowledge and resources to take care of our perfect son. We are blessed beyond belief. R is battling CF everyday and he will come out victorious. I love this life God has granted me.

My son is my hero, my life, and my best friend...

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  1. Thank you so much for your posts and updates. I look forward to them and it also keeps me and probably many others from harassing you thru calls and text. We are continuing to pray for your family daily. Not only is Roanan the perfect son, but you are the perfect mother for him.