Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First Day of X-Rays!

This morning we had a check up with our pulmonologist. Roanan weighed 12.7 lbs, was 24.25in long, and his pulse ox was 97. The Dr believed he looked a little pale and after rechecking his temperature, which was low, she felt certain he had an infection. She listened to his lungs and advised that they were very crackly so she scheduled chest x-rays at Niswonger Children's Hospital. But before we went to get the scans she gave R pedialax since he hasn't had a bowel movement in over a week... It took about 20 minutes for the enema to to begin to work. R was very uncomfortable during the whole process... She also prescribed x-rays for his lower abdomen to ensure there are no blockages or issues. We also had another culture taken via the nose and we will get the results in 72 hours.

Roanan did very well during the x-ray process. The results did confirm a mild lung infection and we have already began antibiotics. Thankfully, his bowels looked healthy, he had one little blob that concerned the doc but after consultation with the radiologist she believed its nothing. To be certain R is good to go, we go back in the morning to make sure the antibiotics are working and to see how much stool is in his bowels.

Roanan is one brave little boy and he is tacking CF head on. We are so thankful for him and his strength. God has blessed Seth and I with a perfect son that we are so proud of. This life of ours is so phenomenal.

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