Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello Enzymes

First off, Roanan is doing great. He turned 8 weeks last Thursday. R is growing great and has a flawless personality. I envy his attitude and character. He is so content and happy 24/7. R loves to talk and laugh with us. God blessed me with a perfect son and words cannot express my love and admiration for him.

Today we had to begin enzymes. We had all intentions of not starting them until Roanan started eating food, but his body had other plans. Over the past week or so
R has had some tummy trouble. He has been going over 5 days without a bowel movement. Also, he has been crying/screaming, tensing up his stomach, and pulling his knees to his chest to form a ball. It is so sad to witness your child in pain and not be sure how to help... So we called the Dr. who advised we needed to begin enzymes with meals. We introduced the enzymes with applesauce. In order for them to work properly they should be given with acidic food, and they cannot be given with anything containing dairy. Today R took his first bite of anything other than milk and he loved it. He ate his applesauce and his enzymes with a huge smile on his face. We were so proud of him. (we are not beginning food right now, we plan to wait until he is 4+ months) He did great and we hope that enzymes will help his tummy.

R goes tomorrow for his 2 month shots, prayers appreciated. Then on Thursday he goes to the Pulmonologist for a check up and we will hopefully get the mutation information from his previous blood work.

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