Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So in love, so inspired.

69 days ago I gave birth to my hero, my son, my greatest inspiration, and the love of my life. As long as i can remember I have dreamed of becoming a mother, and now that I am one I have realized that actually being a mom surpasses all of my previous dreams. Every day I have the opportunity to spend time and make memories with my hero. How many people can say that? 24 hours a day I spend with R and he manages to make me smile every second. I never knew a love so deep was possible until I became a mom. Now I am so inspired to change myself. I challenge myself everyday to be better. A better me equals a happier Roanan. A better me equals fun memories. A better me equals a better world for my son to live in; and that is my life goal for my son to have a wonderful life. I am so in love with my son. He consumes my life, my mind, and my heart and soul. Words cannot express how R has changed my life and my inner self. I am beyond thankful that God saw it fit for Roanan to be son and my hero.

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