Friday, May 1, 2015

First CF Luncheon

Yesterday Seth, Roanan, and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet other CF families in Knoxville for a CF support luncheon. It was sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Actavis+Allergan resulting in a free lunch for CF families. Roanan was the only person in attendance with cystic fibrosis therefore we didn't have to worry about infection risk. We met numerous families and discussed their journey with CF. It was breathtaking to be in attendance with so many strong and inspiring parents. We felt so understood and free to voice our questions and opinions. Seth and I received and abundant amount of information like: different types of enzymes and their effects, doctors in Knoxville, different types of vests, getting a free skip line pass at Disney World, germ prevention, field trips, vacations, flying, supplement shakes, and etc. We are so thankfully for the families in attendance and for the information and support they provided. Thank you also to the CF foundation for sending their rep's for assistance and organizing the event (they are hoping this will become a monthly or bimonthly event). Last but not least a huge thanks to Actavis+Allergan for the free food!

We are so blessed with knowledge to understand and treat this disease. God is always in control and his plan is greater than we can ever imagine. Please pray for all families who have children with CF or any disease. Everyday is a journey and a battle to fight their disease.

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