Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Big One.

I have been slacking so bad lately, my apologies. This post will be a long one covering our last doctor appointment, Great Strides, and Mothers Day. So let's begin!

First off, our last doctor appointment. May 5th 0930. Roanan weighed 13.8lbs, 24.5in long, and his oxygen saturation was 100%!!! This was the first doctors appointment where there were zero complications or concerns. Praise the Lord for a PERFECT doctor appointment. Since then we have became more strict on physiotherapy (per the Dr. Advice) and we can tell a huge difference in Roanan's breathing and amount/type of coughing. He is doing great with physio and 99.9% of the time he doesn't mind to sit there for 20 minute physio treatments (3x daily). We are so blessed to have a small human who enjoys his treatments and endures them with a smile. He is so inspiring to be around...

Secondly, we had a wonderful time at the Great Strides walk in Knoxville on the 9th. I am beyond amazed to say that as of today Roanan's Rebellion raised  $6,275.75 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I never would have guessed that we would have had so much support to reach such a high number. I was expecting $1,000.00 and I would have been amazed by that, but we surpassed that beyond measure. We couldn't have done it without all of you. Words cannot express how thankful I am for family and friends who worked so hard to raise money to find a cure for my son and for all those living with Cystic Fibrosis. To say we are blessed is truly an understatement. On Saturday we had a wonderful turnout. Everywhere I looked I saw amazing people wearing purple shirts supporting my son. There was a moment when I just stood there and tried to take it all in. A tear or two of amazement, joy, and speechlessness flowed down my cheeks as I witnessed great strides to cure cf occurring. I was among a group of people who were there for one purpose just as I was, to cure cf. I was among parents going through the daily journey that we do. Parents who have the same fears and concerns that we have. I saw warriors in green VIP shirts proudly displaying that they are battling cf. I will forever be amazed by those rebelling against this horrible disease... On Saturday, I was in awe of where I was, who I was with, and why I was there. I cannot put into words the way I felt that day. I cannot explain how thankful I am for all those who attended and supported Roanan's Rebellion. I am truly blessed with so much love and support. Please continue to pray for us, for those living with CF, and for those who are continually working to find a cure. I will never forget our 1st Great Strides walk... For it was there I witnessed hope, saw Gods love, and felt a cure amiss the sunshine.


Lastly, Mothers Day. I will say this was my second mother's day. Last year I had my lovely little furbaby Lela. This year I had my little lady and my handsome little fellow (& my big handsome man) who made my day oh so special. I can easily say that I am so Blessed to have my family. God gave me a perfect little boy who has taught me more in 3months than I have learned in 20+ years. I am so thankful to be Roanan and Lelas mom. They brighten my days and show me the beauty in the rain. Lela teaches me that every moment can be a funny one, and there is nothing wrong with taking a daily nap. I believe her goal is to see how much joy she can bring into my life.  Roanan makes me strive to be a better person, to push myself in all that I do, and to change this world into a beautiful place. I am trying everyday to be a mom worthy to call Roanan my son, and I believe that I will spend all of my days working to achieve such an honor. I am not a special mom by no means, but I do have a special son who perfection doesn't even describe. This mothers day I thanked God for entrusting me with this life; to others it may seem hard, but to me it is more beautiful than diamonds. My kiddos and my husband gave me a special day and made me a canvas that brought me to tears.

We have been so busy lately with Seth's softball games, raising money for Great Strides, going back to work, trying to exercise, and just enjoying the journey. So I apologize for my lack of writing... Thank you for taking the time to read about our life and to pray for us in your daily prayers.

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