Thursday, June 25, 2015

Doctor Day

Today we went for a check up with our pulmonologist.

Roanan weighed 15lbs
               Height.    26in
               Oxygen saturation 100%

Roanan sounded a little crackly, but thankfully it wasn't severe enough for concern.

However, she was concerned about his weight gain, he is slowly creeping below the 30th percentile. So she told  us to give him about 2 tablespoons of outmeal cereal once a day and to make sure to take enzymes prior. This will add some calories to his dieta and will hopefully yield additional weight.

We go back in one week to check our progress. We are praying for weight gain and for zero crackles.

Overall today was a decent doctors appointment.

I thank the Lord for doctors and insurance.

One day we will make cf stand for cure found. 

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