Friday, June 26, 2015

My Hero

"Some people spend their entire life dreaming of meeting their hero, luckily I gave birth to mine..."

Words cannot begin to express how much my son amazes me. If you know him, you know he is always happy. He never whines or cries no matter the situation. Roanan is so brave and he always finds new things funny. When we go to the doctor he is strong during tests. He smiles at all the nurses and absorbs all the interesting things going on around him. He rarely cries during treatments and he doesn't even gag any more when he takes his Ranitidine. When he got his 4month shots a few days ago he cried right when the needle went in then when I picked him up he was done. I would have cried for at least a few minutes if someone gave me 3 shots at one time! He doesn't cry when he gets choked up on phylm. Roanan just coughs it up then smiles afterwards. He takes his enzymes without spitting them out. He is beginning to enjoy the applesauce before the milk, its kinda like getting an appetizer. He is an inspiration to be around. Roanan has shown me Gods beauty and love just by being himself. He allows God to work through him in ways that I wish I would. When I look in his eyes my faith grows stronger and my heart swells with amazement. A hero is defined as:

I believe Roanan is a perfect example of a hero. He has countless qualities that I strive to have myself. He is a flawless example of Gods love. I am beyond blessed to say that when God gave me Roanan he gave me the reason for my life. For in my child I found my hero...

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