Sunday, July 26, 2015

Day 12 (7-25)

What a wonderful Saturday! Roanan and I spent our day reading books and watching movies. I have really enjoyed our 1 on 1 time. We have made so many fun memories that I will never forget. He is so strong and tries to jump around all the time. He is becoming more stable when it comes to sitting up. I am amazed by his fast progress! R's appetite is so wonderful. He now semi-willingly eats vs being force fed. I see changes in him everyday and I am so blessed. I am so thankful for the doctors, nurses, therapist, and medicine. They are all making it easier for Roanan to breathe and thrive.

Roanan is loving to crackle water bottles and making noises with his mouth (which ends up blowing slobber everywhere!) He is so unintentionally funny. I am so thankful that God made him my son.

0820: 96 Oxygen saturation
           98.2 temp
           127/59 BP

810 pm: 100 Oxygen saturation
                100 temp
                107/59 BP

6TBS oatmeal
2.5 ounces bananas
3 teaspoons butter
1.5 teaspoon sugar
3 ounces fortified milk
3.2 ounces Applesauce
14 ounces breast milk

9 wet
4 soiled

0915 & 2145 Nebulizer treatments
0915, 1400, & 190 the vest 13 frequency, 3 pressure, 13 minutes

Hepran at 0800 to clear clots in broviac line
1/3rd bag of fluids [Day 11/21]
4 ml of Ranitidine (1030) (2000)
.5 aquadex (1510)
Hypersal 7% (0915) (2145)
Albuterol (0915) (2145)
3 Florajen capsules (1030) (1230) (1830)
10 Creon 6,000 capsules
18MG of ceftriaxone (1530) [Day 11/21]
Steroid (1000) (2200) [Day 8/10]
Azithromycin (1030) [Day 8/10]

Doctor updates: The mini mob is here on the weekends, only 3 people vs  8-10. They agreed that Roanan is doing fantastic. They are amazed by his progress and in love with his smile. No changes! Praise the Lord!

Pulmonologist updates: Roanan is gaining weight beautifully and his lungs are improving with every breath. The right lower lobe is still crackly but overall he is doing 100x better. His vitals are great and he looks so healthy. She is very please with him. At this time no changes ot concerns.

Day 2 of bananas, he loves them!
His teeth are causing a fuss and we may introduce Tylenol tomorrow.
He still sings along with his vest, thankfully he loves it.
We are still waiting on updates for our vest.
His breaths are so deep and clear.
R:s broviac dressing is so ready to be changed even though it is intended to last a week, it never lasts over 4 days... Place that on the agenda for tomorrow!

We are doing wonderful and we are so appreciative for all the donations of food, money, and etc. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful, caring, and Godly people in our lives. We cannot thank you enough.

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