Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 2 Update

Today was aa great day. Roanan was so happy and full of life. He did okay with the fortified milk and ate his pumped up oatmeal twice. The broviac survived another day without being ripped out. All the nurses comment on Roanans strength and high activity level. He is currently getting fluids through the broviac and R received ceftriaxone solution (antibiotics) for one hour today. Once we get the biopsy results we will alter the antibiotics to target the infection. We spoke with a dietician today who said R was a little over the 30th percentile overall. She was alittle concerned with the trend of his growth, but not technically worried yet. That was the confirmation I needed to feel okay with saying NO to the feeding tube. I received more confirmation when we weighed him around 8 pm he weighed 16lbs. Obviously some of that weight is from the IV, dressings, and the fluids being pumped in him but that is a huge jump from 15lbs in one night! Praise the Lord we are gaining weight without the help of a feeding tube! We did "the vest" for CPT today and R really enjoyed it. He actually fell asleep during it the last time today. We didn't add any meds today or change his nebulizer treatments. Everything is going great and I couldn't be more blessed.  Roanan is the bravest kid and I know and every day he amazes me. God blessed me with his greatest creation and I and beyond honored. Thank you to wonderful friends and family, for your calls, texts, comments, prayers, and food deliveries(DS).  (:  They are appreciated so much more than you know. Another day in the books!

Bless the Lord oh my soul, worship your holy name.

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