Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 3 Update

Goodnight, God blessed us with another spectacular day. All the doctors were impressed with Roanans weight gain and his positive personality. Roanan can truly brighten a room in seconds. His smile is contagious and so full of pure joy. It's amazing how some one who fights for each breath could have so much happiness within them. God gave R a personality that I strive to replicate, in my child I see the person I want to be. He has no negativity, no disappointment, no fear. He loves life, loves to see his momma, daddy, and lela, fights for what he wants, and takes care of things he doesn't without making a fuss, he is proud to be independent, and accepts help without complaining, he believes that every breath should be used to praise God and laugh. My son is my hero. Okay, with that being said on to the medical stuff. Roanan is up a few more ounces putting him around 16.2lbs. 97 oxygen saturation, unable to get blood pressure tonight, 98.5 temp. All statics are great! Our pulmonologist said he sounds so much better but his right lower lobe needs more CPT. She is wonderful and comes by every night to keep us up to date and listen to our concerns. Our pulmonologist is very driven to cure this disease. She is determined to do all she can so that our kids with be heathy when the cure comes. All meds are staying the same for now, but we will be adding butter to R's oatmeal. The butter will provide extra calories, fat, and salt. Butter is like candy for people with cf. It has everything they need all in one convenient stick. Yum! The plan is still 3 weeks for our stay and we are fine with that. Our child needs to be 100% no complaining about it. We are blessed to have somewhere to go for 3 weeks and our child get exceptional care. We are blessed with insurance and doctors. God has given us so much we are continually amazed. My life may seem crazy and scary at times but it so much better than my dreams ever made it out to be.

Everyday my hero teaches me the meaning of life...

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