Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 3

0745 The docs begin to appear. They advised his weight gain is awesome and his lungs sound clear. We will continue with the fortified milk, breast milk, and pumped up oatmeal (+12,000 Creon with all the above.)

0800 The nurse comes in and checks vitals, asks a billion questions, and gives me Roanans Ranitidine to give to him.

0815 The respiratory therapist comes in and we do both nebulizer treatments and the vest. They listen to his lungs, and this morning they sounded wonderful.

845 The dietician came in and asked about R's eating habits. She was impressed with his weight gain and pleased with the way we were adding it.

0940 "The Mob" arrives. The mob is a group of 8+ people consisting of a doctor, students, interns, and therapist. The address our long term plan and our goals for the day.

1100 The vest again.

1115 Oatmeal time!

1200 They physical therapist came in and said she had zero concerns for R. He is doing great developmentally.

All news so far has been perfect. He is growing, smiling, and breathing easy! His broviac is a little bruised but it doing wonderful. Roanan tries to pull it out all the time, but thankfully it is stiched in and talked up. A huge thank you to those who helped us on go fund me. We are so blessed with family and friends.

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