Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 4 Update

Stats: 100 oxygen saturation
           98.7 temp
           16.0 lbs
           100/83 BP

Intake: 3 ounces fortified milk
              Approximately 15 ounces breast milk
              7+ tablespoons oatmeal
              3 tablespoons prunes
              5 tablespoons applesauce
             10 Creon 6,000 pills
             4ml Ranitidine
             .5ml aquadex
             1 teaspoon butter

Out take: 1 med bm
                  1 xs bm
                  8 wet diapers

Treatments: 2 albuterol via nebulizer
                       2 hypersal via nebulizer
                          - side note on hypersal, today as I watched the respiratory therapist prepare R's treatments I realized she only gave him a fourth of the hypersal liquid. I quickly asked why, because we have the same ones at home and we do the entire thing. She said the system said just do a fourth... What? Call our doc now please we gotta get that fixed. Turns out it was a typo and we needed the whole thing. Praise the Lord for giving me a voice to speak up when it comes to Roanans care!
                       45 minutes of the vest on 10 frequency                          and 2 pressure
(I also turned this up and increased the time.)
                       1 syringe of antibiotics via broviac
                       1/3 bag of fluids via broviac

Other: 4 naps
             15 minutes out side
                 - I set off the alarm via Roanans "hugs" bracelet to prevent people from stealing the kiddos. The alarm went off and it was deafening! 6+ nurses were there in 5 seconds, turns out you have to tell the nurses prior to opening the door and you only get 15 minutes. Who knew?
           2 new dressings to cover the broviac
           3 outfits
           2 new toys
           A visit by a human disguised as a bear
          2 visits by "the mob"
          1 visit by play therapy
          Too many cuddles to count
          Too many laughs
          Too many smiles to document
          1 perfect day supplied by God

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