Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 4

Day 3 is going great! Today we had a cupcake delivery and met a huge bear! Roanan loved him, and he was handing out stuffed versions of himself! So fun! R would giggle every time he would wave or blow kisses at him. He wasn't scared at all! They are so child oriented here and I know that will really make our stay easier. This is a wonderful hospital to spend 3 weeks.

This morning statistics: 100 oxygen saturation, 112/82 BP, 98.4 temp.

Roanan has been a little coughy today but I have been told his lungs sound good not to worry. We have done the vest 2x today and both times R drew a crowd. The nurses and doctors swarm out door to listen to Roanan laugh and talk during the vest. He makes the silliest noises and his face is so happy it quickly turns a bad day into a good one. We gave him some butter in his morning oatmeal (along with prunes, fortified milk, and applesauce + 12,000 Creon) he was not impressed by the butter. His gag reflex was quickly stimulated with ever bite, but he ate the whole thing! We gotta gag through it to gain the weight we need. Roanan is doing great and he is such wonderful company. I am so blessed to spend so much time with my hero.

Praise the Lord so far all we have heard is wonderful news!

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