Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 5

Health statistics:
107/85 BP
99 oxygen saturation

BP unable to get
99 oxygen saturation
99.2 temp

Changed broviac dressing
Added Azithromycin via mouth 1x daily
Added steroid via broviac 1x daily
Increased the time, frequency, and pressure of his vest treatments while here. (13 frequency, 2 pressure, and 12 minutes)

Still waiting on biopsy results
Our vest should be in this week, praise the lord!

5tbs oatmeal
3 ounces fortified milk
5tbs applesauce
7 Creon pills 6,000
10 ounces breast milk
2 teaspoons butter

Doctor notes:
Roanan is looking better everyday. The new meds are to kick the cough he has. His weight gain is really good. Keep up what we are doing. His right lower lobe of his lung is still crackly. Once we get our vest it should clear that up. (The vest here is really old and 2 sizes to big, so we wrap R in a blanket and keep his arms in. He looks like he is in a straight jacket.) His broviac looks flawless, today we changed the dressing and I actually got to see the incision site along with the stitches. There is zero redness or heat; therefore, scarring will be very minimal. Roanan is doing perfect we couldn't ask for more.

Moms thoughts:
I love spending 1 on 1 time with Roanan. I cherish every laugh we share together. Today Seth, R, and I enjoyed the outdoors for a few minutes and it was wonderful. Roanan loves to be outside and I love to be with my family. We laughed alot at R trying to pull the leaves off the trees. Roanan is the perfect child and can find entertainment wherever he goes. Whether it be chewing on his IV line, crackling a water bottle, taking off his socks, or simply chewing his fingers R is unaware boredom exists. R is such an inspiration and i learn something from him everday. He has lit up every face that he has seen since we got here; I wish I could impact people the way he does. I know God has so much prepared for his life and I am so blessed to witness it all. I love seeing Roanans color come back and notice the ease of his breath. I love the laugh he has during his vest. I love the hope in his eyes, and I cherish the love in his snuggle. I have loved our time here and cannot wait for the next 19 days.

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