Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 8 7-21

0745: 124/54BP
           98 Oxygen saturation
           98.2 temp
0845 The Vest, 12 frequency, 2 pressure, 15 minutes
0900 Nebulizer treatments
0920 Steroid and Ranitidine
0930 Changed part of broviac tubing (toward the beginning)
1230 The Vest, 13 frequency, 2pressure, 13 minutes
1300 Azithromycin
1330 3 ounces breast milk + 12,000 Creon
1400: 99.1 temp
           96 oxygen saturation
1445 The Vest, 13 frequency, 13 minutes
1520 started ceftriaxone via broviac
1520 Oatmeal+probiotic+.5 ounce fortified breast milk+ applesauce + prunes+12,000 Creon + sugar + butter
1620 2 ounces breast milk + 6,000 Creon
1700 .5 ounce breast milk(no Creon)
1800 Oatmeal + butter + applesauce + sugar + 12,000 Creon
2000 Pulmonologist arrives. We are still waiting on biopsy results, we may not get them until after we are home. No eta on the delivery on Roanans incourage vest. His airways are beginning to sound clearer resulting in longer, deeper, more effective breaths. R's lower right lobe is still crackly, but everything else sounds phenomenal! Praise the Lord the treatment plan is working!
2015 81/94 BP
         97.5 temp
         96 oxygen saturation
2030 Ranitidine and aquadex

Momma's notes:
Roanan is improving every day. It's amazing to hear him take long breaths more frequently. His cough is almost gone and his grunting is gradually fading. His color is bright and full and he is beginning to grow baby rolls. The steroids have increased his appetite and the sugar makes the oatmeal more tolerable. We added probiotics to his oatmeal to aid in digestion and we should see some results in a few days. We had all intentions to change R's broviac dressing today, but unfortunately it was missed. Hospital life is so hectic it's difficult to complete all the necessary tasks. Thankfully the staff has been wonderful and they allow me to do as much as I feel comfortable with. Now I give R all of his medications, vest treatments, monitor and document his input and output, and since I am CNA certified I am licensed to take his vitals. This helps so much and prevents waking Roanan up as frequently. I am so blessed to be here and I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful staff helping us. Roanan is working so hard on sitting up. I believe before we leave here that he will be a pro. Also, you can almost see teeth poking through! He is growing so fast!! I am so amazed by him everyday. He is Gods greatest creation.

Currently there are a few other CF children here so we have been advised it would be best if we stayed in our room to prevent infections. Please pray for them and their families. Along with all the other children here. I see so many children here who need prayers and love. Please make that your goal today, to pray for all the children in hospitals along with their families. I can't imagine what some of them are going through. I praise God everyday for my family, friends, and the health of my child. Roanan is my perfect little man and I am so thankful for his health. We are so blessed...

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