Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 20 (8-3) & 21 (8-4)

Day 20:
0900 nebulizer treatments
0915 Ranitidine
0920 changed broviac dressing, it was demolished.
0940 the vest lady called and will be delivering the best tomorrow. Praise the Lord!
1000 3tbs oats, 1.25 prunes, Florajen, 12,000 Creon, 15 ml fortified milk, 1tsp butter, .5 aquadex
1130-1230 Nap 2oz
1300 Steroids
1305 Poop (130)
1307 clotrimazole ointment
1315 Vest 13,3,12
1315 the mod advised since R hasn't thrown up anymore we may go home tomorrow on oral steroids!
1340 1oz
1430 2oz
1500-1600 ceftriaxone
1500 1.75 prunes, Florajen, 12,000 Creon, 1tsb butter, 3 tbs oats
1530-1700 nap 4oz
1830 119/69 BP
          97.9 temp
          100 Oxygen saturation
          8.130 kilos
1900 our pulmonologist advised R's lungs are very clear. Crackles are minimal.
1920 2oz, Bananas, Florajen, 12,000 Creon

Updates: roanan has fell in love with tags.
His broviac incision is kinda puffy and red near groin not actual insertion point.
Day 20/21
Pee 3
Poo 4
Coughed 3x
Lela get really badly bee sting and went into anaphylactic shock.... She's fine now, but we will really need to watch her closely when outside. She looked like she had 4 golf balls in her cheeks.
We are very excited and nervous about possibly going home tomorrow.
I feel so blessed to be here... With so many wonderful people. The nurses we have had have been so approachable and conversitive. I appreciate their company so much. Roanan is the perfect doomate though, it could be me and him for years and I would never complain. I am just so blessed and in love with my son and my life.

Day 21-21, 8-4

Are we really going home?!

0900 91/61 BP
          100 oxygen saturation
          98.3 temp
0840 nebulizer treatments
0930 vest
0940 scheduled our appointment for Knoxville cf clinic. Next Wednesday (east Tennessee children hospital)
1000-1100 nap 4 oz
1110 clotrimazole ointment, poop
1145 3 tbs oatmeal, 2.5 carrots, 1 tsp butter, Florajen, 12,000 Creon
1200 poop
1400 4 oz
1400-1416 nap
1430-1500 ceftriaxone
1500 Tylenol
1530 EMLA cream to numb his leg and remove the broviac
1630 moriphine for pain during broviac removal
1630 removed broviac
1700 discharged to go home!

The removal of the broviac was very simply and Roanan didn't seem to mind. I'll make a whole post about the broviac, eventually.
The discharge was fast and simple, thanks to miss Maggie!
Roanan was so excited to go home as was I.
He thought his car seat and pants were foreign, but he was so doped up on moriphine he didn't mind.
I can't believe we have been here 3 weeks, I can't wait to go home.

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