Tuesday, September 29, 2015

GI Appointment

Well... This that did not go as we expected.

Our expectations:

Questions about Roanans eating habits.
Questions about his medical history and CF.
Encouragement that he would eventually gain an appetite.
Knowledge about the GI system and its relation to CF.
Listening and squishing of R tummy.
Tips or trips to sneak food in.

Our reality:

Judgemental glares.
Repeated statements about how we are failing at parenting.
Something is obviously wrong kids are just "not hungry"
Zero knowledge, insight, tips, or etc on the GI system.
NO listening of the tummy noises or examination of R.
Zero tips for weight gain.
Rude comments.
Continuous eyebrow raises, negative body communication, and jotting of paper.
Her words, "Yes, you're doing it all wrong."

We received judgement, zero understanding, zero help, and lastly zero respect.

It was a horrible experience and a pointless 3 hours. Yes, I would love to go in depth about the severity of the appointment but I will stop at this.

She is sending us to ETCH speech team.

Our homework: Stool cultures.

•Today the health system failed my child and I failed him (&my husband) for making him sit through a negative appointment.

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