Friday, September 25, 2015

Picture this...

So picture this....

On a road not so far away lives a little bear, a big bear, and their tiny cub. Their tiny cub has a super power and its called cystic fibrosis. Some call his super power cf. CF affects many parts of his body and required him to do hours of treatments and take tons of pills everyday.

When the bear cub was tiny treatments were a breeze! The cub would sit in his momma lap and take a nap as the medicine flowed in and out of his lungs. Momma bear also had to beat the young cub to break up the mucus in his body, thankfully he always loved it. Soon after the cub grew he got his own vest machine which saved momma bears arms and beat the little cub for her. He loved it. ((But secretly she missed those extra one on one sessions.)) He always made silly noises and made momma bear laugh... Then the cub started to grow and every day he got stronger and stronger making treatments a little tougher on momma bear. Sometimes he would claw her in an effort to escape, he had no intention of hurting her but did not want that blue puppy dog mask on his face. Some days he would scream and cry and the momma bear would too. It was always so hard for her to hold him down and wrestle him around in hopes that he would get all the nebulizer meds. She would hold his arms to his sides and squish his mask against his face. Often she would sing to him and read him books trying to comfort him and lessen his blows. Some times she would just rock him and pray for comfort, as he would scream, squirm, and scratch. The momma bear never once complained about baby bears actions, she knew one day he would no longer want her to comfort him as he did treatments. She felt so blessed to have her cub and she cherished every moment holding that mask to her strong cubs face. She thanked God for his strength and his perseverance. She loved that cub and wore her treatment battle wounds proudly. Yes, it broke her heart to restrain the little bear, and it could be exhausting. But she loved knowing her little cub was getting the best meds to keep him thriving.

She loved her little supercub and she cherished every moment they sat in that treatment chair... Every cry, wail, scream, scratch, tear, and laugh she stored in her memory. For in her young cub she saw the meaning of her life... In her young cub she found God.

In her young cub she knew love...


  1. Awesome post Tanner! You are the strongest Mama Bear I know! love you...

  2. Tanner, you amaze me and we have never met. We pray for your family everday. You make me want to be a better mother!

  3. Tanner, you amaze me and we have never met. We pray for your family everday. You make me want to be a better mother!

  4. Awh, you guys made me cry! Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers. I try to be 1/2 the mom Roanan deserves, but I fail him daily. I pray that God uses me to be an example of a Godly mother. Together we can unite and be what a mother was designed to be.

  5. You are one tough Mama Bear and it amazes me of your strength!