Friday, September 11, 2015


We have been doing pulmozyme for a few weeks now and we can tell a huge difference. Roanans coughs are very few and hacky. They have went from being daily to weekly. R takes pulmozyme through his nebulizer and it helps cut up the mucus in his lungs. I believe with the help of pulmozyme Roanan can breathe much easier. I am so thankful for all the treatments that make R feel better. God has truly blessed us with doctors who research every day to find a cure...

More info on pulmozyme:

We do it everyday at 3pm
It takes 5-7 minutes to complete
R does it during his 3o'clock vest treatment
It doesn't have a smell, color, or burn
It runs through our normal nebulizer via a sidestream neb cup

Here is more info and a wonderful video!

Click here!!

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