Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shed light on CF

How to even begin this post?...

First off, being a parent is a journey all in itself. Bumped noggins, laughing babies, scratched knees, and toys everywhere keep everyone busy. Secondly, when your child has more to worry about than a bumped knee its hard to cope alone. It's hard to keep all your fears, concerns, and daily treatments to yourself (& your spouse). But at the same time you can't let cf consume life, it can't be the conversation of every hour. Yes, you and your husband converse about it daily but make it your goal to not talk about it in front of your little cfer. When you go places you try to bring up conversations first in hope that they don't bring your sons journey up in front of him. You worry often that others will define your child by his health. You try not to be rude when people try to touch your child. You try to explain the risk associated with one innocent touch. Then you look like an overly concerned mom who doesn't want anyone to associate with her child. Then before you know it, bam, cf has ruled the day. Everywhere you go, everyone you see, you shed light on CF.

Cystic fibrosis doesn't define our life, but it does play a role that cannot go unnoticed.

Seth and I try to keep Roanans health to the blog and ourselves. We never want him to feel like cf is all he is. He is so much more than his health. He is funny, kind, loving, handsome, and perfect. God made him perfectly...

But we do catch ourselves talking about it more and more. Cystic fibrosis is tricky and if you don't stay on your toes you will miss something. Cf needs light shed on it. Sometimes I'm sure people get tired of hearing us ramble about CF research or the new meds we have started but oh well. I will fight for a cure, I will educate others, I will read, and I will pray. . . because those fighting cf deserve every ounce of fight in me.

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