Monday, October 12, 2015

Bronch Prep Round 2

Today we went back to Knoxville to get R checked out. He hasn't really improved or declined since we started the bactrim. He has still been gunky, coughy, grunty, shallow breather, and producing mucus. As parents, Seth and I felt certain R needed the bronchoscopies but we wanted him to get checked out just for confirmation. The doc listened to him today and agreed that we should proceed with the bronch scheduled for tomorrow morning....

His weight remained exactly the same at 8.28 kilos. His height was a little greater than 27.5 in. R's Oxygen saturation was much better today at 99.

Roanan still doesn't act like he feels bad. Praise the lord! He is truly the happiest human being on the face of the earth. I am so in love with him. I know I post that nearly every post, but I can't express my love and amazement towards my son. He has been to so many doctors appointments yet he still greets every nurse with a smile. I hold him down numerous times a day and he still smiles when he looks my way. He has 3 teeth coming in but not once has he complained. He claps whenever he's happy, thinks he's funny, or thinks you need a laugh. He happily yells momma, daddy, and bye-bye. R has a genuine love for life that I am honored to witness.  I praise God for making me his mom. I genuinely love my life, every aspect of it I cherish.

Bronch Preparation

Nothing by mouth after 2300 hours. (aka 11:00pm) this will be a huge challenge considering that Roanan is a nocturnal feeder. This week he has been eating every 30-45 minutes...  Normally he still eats every 2-3 hours throughout the night.

We have to be in Knox. tomorrow morning at 0730. The actual bronchoscopies is scheduled for 0900.

There is a picc line nurse scheduled in case they find bugs in R's lungs. Yes, this does mean we could be back in the hospital for a while. Or we could leave after the bronch in a few hours. Or we could be sent home on more oral antibiotics. We will not know until the docs are in there nosing around.

Prayers are much appreciated. Any surgery, large or small, is intimidating. I know my God will hold my child when I can not. I know he will guide the doctors hands and he will help Roanans body recover from the anesthesia. I pray that he will bless him with peace and a sense of comfort. I pray that God will bless Seth and I with peace and assurance that all will come out well.

My God is great and powerful and I am so thankful to be his sheep...

Please Lord help my child breathe.

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