Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Health update

So often I forget that people are interested in Rs health between clinic visits. Therefore, the creation of this post!😊

Lately, R has been yucky. Meaning coughing more, shallow breathing, frequent grunting to move the goo up and out, and he's just gunky. To others you would never even notice, but to us we are very concerned. He is having all of the symptoms that placed us in the hospital the first time plus he still has cultured the enterobacter again. As luck would have it our CF team is at conference. Thankfully, we learned today that one doctor has stayed behind for instances such as this one. We called today to hopefully get an appointment sooner than later.

We still have heard nothing from the speech people.

No appetite gain. We have been offering bananas, prunes, peaches, and some of the other yummy foods every 30 minutes throughout the day.

We have also been doing some good ol hand beatings throughout to day to hopefully move more mucus out. R has had many productive cough sessions on the vest but after them he is usually alittle scared and shook up so we cut the session short. (Personally, I would not like to be shook after I coughed up goo! Eww.)

We are also, 96% sure he has an ear infection. Womp...

Oh and I can't forget more teeth are moving in!

Other than that he is happy as can be. Crawling all over the place and talking every second of the day. He is hilarious and claps whenever he thinks something great just happened. He is enjoying chewing on his sippy cup but is still not a fan of its contents. R loves to sit on the porch and is enjoying the warm breeze. He is a blast and he doesn't seem to mind coughing 3/4ths of the day.

Side note: Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch and it was total success. R loved the pumpkins, gourds, and tractor. We plan on carving pumpkins tomorrow! Yay fall!

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