Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Idea!

Recently, I have been trying to think of things I would ask someone with CF if I didn't know anything about it. So I thought it would be fun to open this post up to everyone. Please below in the comments, ask anything that you would like to know about our life, roanans specific CF mutation, or cystic fibrosis in general. I hope everyone participates and I cannot wait to see how all the bright minds think!


  1. Wow... you have opened up a very personal side of your life.... that's huge. I can say that I have read and researched and know more about CF than I have ever known. Even working in Healthcare for 20 years, I had heard of CF but can honestly say I just didn't know that much about it. You have done an excellent job with educating your friends and family. I guess my most personal question would be what have you learned about the severity of Roanan's specific mutations and as he gets older, what are your plans about sending him to public preschool/schools? I know you want him around other children and to live as normal as life as possible while protecting him from sickness at the same time. That is a fine line to walk...

  2. What a good idea! I think people have questions they may want to ask but don't want to get to personal or bombard you with questions! But, since you asked, I'll ask away! Lol

    1. Can Roanan get a lung transplant and at what age do they talk about doing that?
    2. Since we are both carriers does that mean it's coming from the "Jackson" side?
    3. Have they learned more about the mutations he has and the severity of it? I know u had mentioned it was uncommon.
    4. How common is CF? More common in males or females?
    5. Does he feel bad? Or does it effect him like that?

    And last, I think you're an amazing Mommy and soon I'm proud of u!! I can't wait to meet Roanan and see guys! We need to skype or whatever that was called again! Lol
    Love u guys!❤️

    1. You don't have to answer #5. I read your other posts and gathered he's happy go lucky and knows no different then how he feels. Bless his perfect little heart❤️