Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Post Bronchoscopies

Praise the lord we are headed home. The bronc looked great and we had no need for a picc line. No need for antibiotics or steroids.

We are so amazed and blessed.

R came out of surgery kicking and screaming. He was in desperate need of his momma. Once I finally got to my brave son he ate and took a nice nap. When we woke up they removed his IV and he was good to go. Within 30 minutes post nap he was laughing and talking again. It was a much better experience than his last post bronc. I praise the Lord for watching over my child.

We will remain on the bactrim for the remaining of the course then it's back to normal.

We go back to clinic in 2 weeks.

Weight: 8.24 kilos

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