Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Clinic Visit

Last Wednesday, December 9th, R had a routine clinic visit and received via serving synagis shot.

We arrived at clinic and were greeted with smiles from the wonderful staff. They were so excited to see us and us them. Once we had our mask on we made our way to room 7 where we began our visit.

The pharmacy guy was our first visitor. He made sure we had all of our prescriptions and refills taken care of.

Then we put our mask back on and went to retrieve vitals.
Pulse 104
Oxygen saturation 100%
Temp 97.4
Weight 19.3 lbs
Length 28.2 in

Next came physical therapy. She said R looked great! She asked us about his development and he is right on track! She assured us that R is progressing perfectly!

Respiratory poked their head in for a split second just to make sure we were a-okay!

Dietary came in and as always was concerned about R's weight. He is up weight and length but he is only in the 24th% percentile. She went over our daily routine, R's eating habits, and when we dosed medications. She gave us a packet of high calorie recipes and encouraged us to continue to feed high calorie/high fat foods. She wants us to increase his butter intake to 1TBS per 2 ounces of food. We can also do avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil as substitutions to the butter.  She really wants r to gain weight and be above the 50th percentile... She wants to reevaluate again in a month.

Darby the dog came for a visit and r fell in love. She was so soft and sweet. Service/emotional support dogs make hospital stays or visits so much more enjoyable. (A huge shout out to all those who volunteer their time to bring their furry friend to visit those in the hospital. You impact patients life more than you know.)

Social worker lady said hello and made sure we had no concerns. All was great! Woo-hoo!

The nurse coordinator came in and asked how we were doing. She made sure all was going great and asked if their was any way she could help. Yada yada. She is the best and I am so thankful for her. She is always available, helpful, and encouraging. I know we are good to go as long as she is planning it all out.

It pulmonologist came in and was very impressed by R's lung health. She said his lungs were in pristine condition! Praise the lord he is so clear!  She wants us to work on weight gain and keep treatments the same. Since he has finally passed the 19 lb mark we are doubling enzymes. She said he looked great and we would see her again in a month.

Last the nurse came in and did a throat culture.

Then we headed over to the hospital for 2 synagis shots. R did great and was so brave. He only cried for a minute or two. He has done so well with these shots, I am always so impressed by his strength.

*During the writing of this post clinic called and informed us that R cultured moderate growth of moraxella catarrahalis and we would be beginning antibiotics tonight.*

Gotta go call in meds...

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