Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dear R

Good night my dearest son,

As I lay here and hold you on my chest my heart swells with love. You are the purest form of joy, love, and happiness that I have ever witnessed. You are warm and cozy as I snuggle with you. Your breaths are strong and smooth similar to an ocean breeze. They are warm and powerful, thankfully, tonight they are easy. You are peacefully sleeping as I stare at your sweaty hair and pat you gently. My mind should be in a million
other places or planning for tomorrow but instead it's right here with you. Inhale-Exhale. Inhale-Exhale. I am soaking up every moment that we are sharing together. I feel so thankful to have you as my son. You are truly without flaw and I am amazed by your charm. When God made you he combined all things good and strong and made you in his own image. He gave you a genuine personality which he filled with joy, humor, happiness, and curiosity. In my eyes you are perfection. From the top of your salty head to the bottom of your flat feet you are without flaw. Our heart beats are in sync and my breaths go patiently between yours. My life I gladly give to you, and my heart you have always held in your strong hands. You are my strong son and my gift from the good Lord. You are love.

You my son, are without flaw.

You are loved so much by your mother. I cherish every moment we spend together. I pray our relationship will grow stronger everyday. Please know you are my dream come true. I praise God everyday for giving me you.

I love you my sweet child, goodnight.

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