Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Family,

Merry CHRISTmas! I pray that each of you have a perfect day celebrating Jesus birthday. I hope you  receive everything that you ever wished for and keep Christ as the center of your Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

To my R,

I am so excited for you to see what tomorrow beholds. Tonight we laid out Santa's cookies and milk in hopes that he will come. We wore our Christmas jammies and attempted to read Christmas books. I had all intentions of reading the actual Christmas story tonight but you had other plans, therefore, we will read it tomorrow. I pray that you will always keep Christ at the center of your Christmas. Unfortunately, it is so easy to get caught up in the food, family, and gifts that we forget why we are celebrating in the first place. Christmas is to celebrate Jesus birth. We give gifts as the wise men did and we are full of joy due to his arrival. I pray that your heart will always be joyful and full of Christ's love. Tomorrow I know your joy will be overflowing and I am so honored to get to share such a special day with you. I can't even fall asleep tonight because I am so excited for tomorrow. I know you will be more excited about the paper than you will be about the gifts and I am totally okay with that. You enjoy every second that Christmas has to offer because it comes and goes so quickly. R you have been so outstanding this year that you deserve all the parents in the world, however, the wallet will only go so far... I wish that I could give you all the things that you deserve but instead I will give you as much as I can. I hope this Christmas is perfect for you. You truly are so amazing. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed by how spectacular you are and how much I love you. Every part of my being is in admiration of you. I cherish every moment with you and tomorrow will be no exception. You are my gift each and every day, my son. I pray you have a perfect first Christmas. I love you more than words can express...

Merry Christmas my Brave Reindeer.

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