Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Synagis

Today we had our synagis shot for the month
 We had all intentions of going to clinic yesterday along with synagis, however my health didn't cooperate. So we have had to reschedule a few appointments...

Today R did great. The bigger he gets the more medicine they inject. According to the information I have read on synagis it is a very painful shot. The needle must be deep and the medicine burns while entering the bloodstream. R is a real trooper. He cries when the nurse walks in (it's the same one everytime) she is wonderful and always takes great care of us. But by now R knows her by her voice and her face... The crinkle paper is next and he loses it, unfortunately he knows what is next. I hold his hand above his head while the nurses (2) administer both shots to his thigh. He scream in fear and pain, I love on him as much as possible to try to ease the discomfort. As soon as the shots are over he wants off that table and into my arms. I hold him securely and sing bubble guppies music to him or the never failing Peter, James, and John. Quickly he begins to calm down (isually with the assistance of nursing.) He is so brave and strong. The whole process of shot and recovery takes less than 8 minutes.  After he has healed our wonderful nurse comes and brings him a toy for being brave. She makes sure him legs look good and we are out the door.  By this time R is smiling ear to ear and is so happy to see us waving bye-bye.

I am so thankful that God places caring people in our lives to go the extra mile to make us feel better. Our special nurse always goes above and beyond for R and I appreciate it so much.

Today R weighed 9.30 kilos. Praise the Lord!

Mr. Frog and Mr. Duck are the newest members of the Brave Toy Collection. 

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