Sunday, March 27, 2016

ER Visit 3.27.16

Happy Easter!

Today we decided it was time to take R to the ER since he was running a very high fever for over 24 hours. (101-104)

On Friday around 5 he felt a little warmer than normal to me, however everyone I asked said he felt normal so I just brushed it off to my crazy first mom tendency's. He didn't sleep very well that night which is a common thing so I didn't think much of it. Saturday we attended two Easter egg hunts and he appeared to be fine. Once again, I thought he had a temp and everyone agreed that I was just crazy. So I just went along with the festivities...


On the way home I stopped at the neighborhood Walgreens and bought a thermometer. The very first read was.... 103.5....

To everyone at the egg hunts I am sorry beyond words...

Last night, R didn't sleep at all. His temp hit 104 around 12 we woke him up and he was pretty lethargic. We pushed fluids, Tylenol, (which resulted in projectile vomit) and plopped him in a cold bath. Nothing helped. All night he laid on my chest and nursed. (Literally all night he spent attached...)

I was pretty scared by the temp and called the nurse line. They advised to bring him in sinday morning if the temp was still present.

This morning around 7 I woke up and checked the temp. 102.7.... I pushed tylenol and got it down to 101.5 and we went to the ER around 12.

The ER doc was the same one we saw when R was 37 days old and went to the ER for his skin rash. He ran an RSV and flu culture. Both negative. Next we went for good ol chest xrays. All was perfect. We were placed on observation for a few hours and advised to push fluids. We tried Gatorade, popcicles, and  nursing. Unfortunately, he wasn't very interested so we had to wait until he was. Around 3 R nursed for 7 minutes and we were finally free to go.

All of his test were negative so we concluded that he has a little viral bug. He acts normal but has a crazy high fever. He has lost his appetite since Thursday and his output has decreased as well. So we just gotta keep an eye on that and call our pediatrician tomorrow.

Praise the Lord all was good and we are home. I am currently snuggling with my little man who currently feels like a heater. (101.5)

Happy Easter!


  1. You are an EGG-CELLENT first mom.

    I'm glad to hear your precious baby's fever is coming down & nothing too serious was involved.

    You'll always remember THIS Easter!

    Me too - over 1/2 of the folks at our family gathering had the sniffles & worse.


  2. Ha! Thank you for your support! I have been kicking myself for exposing everyone else. I believe I'm going to become the temperature monitor and take a thermometer with me everywhere!!

    Yes this Easter in the ER was a memory in the making!!

    I hope yours stay sickness free and had a great Easter! :)