Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Pros of a Childrens Hospital & Hematology 3.3.16

First off, I love, love, love East Tennessee Childrens Hospital in Knoxville. Every doctor, nurse, PA (excluding one), CNA, assistant, child life specialist, respiratory therapist, and etc have been above and beyond. I am so thankful that we transferred so early. R does great with all the staff and some know him by name. I feel like ETCH is my second home. I can navigate throughout the hospital like a pro and pass numerous familiar faces along the way. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful care team behind me. No matter what crazy idea I come up with they always support me and treat me as an equal.

Last week, R had a hematology appointment at ETCH and it was such an inviting office. I felt as if I were at a child play place vs a hospital office. The staff was exceptional and the doctor was very kind and encouraging. The nurses were so caring and kept offering us snacks, teas, coffee, water, and etc. In the hallway there were children riding tricycles as they were hooked up to chemo IV's. (Hematology & Oncology are located in the same office.) The phlebotomist was phenomenal and is the first person to ever get R on the first prick. He bled great and she was done in seconds. She stayed and explained where the 6 viles of blood were going and gave R a little gift for his bravery.This is when I really realized how wonderful this hospital and overall environment was. Every little procedure, blood draw, and etc that R has he always come out with something. Whether that be a little creature or a sticker he always leaves with a price. I am so thankful that he is rewarded for his cooperation and bravery. I pray that he will never dread going to the hospital but he will always look at it as an opportunity to get better and to meet some wonderful people.

 I took tons of pictures of the office with hopes that I would someday write a post about how wonderful our hospital is... I hope you enjoy and become very jealous!

The above picture shows where the toys go once they have been played with. The toy containing all of toys smelled so clean that I felt comfortable to eat off the floor. While we were there a child life specialist brought in a whole tote of freshly cleaned toys and checked the "dirty" toys twice to ensure the kiddos had all the toys possible to play with. ( Me being the crazy mom I am kept R in his carrier the entire time and did not allow him to play with all the tons of toys they provided.)  As you can kinda see in the corner of the picture they also offered a 5-6 riding toys that the kids could ride around the hallways or while waiting for their appointment. Very awesome idea! I am so glad that I got to witness one little fellow riding around everywhere on his tricycle with his IV in. Nothing was stopping him from having a blast. Who ever said the hospital was not a place to have fun?!

The hematology/oncology office was themed with Nemo. This wall art was so realistic R and I loved it!!

This picture was taken from the waiting room which was filled with chairs and a few coloring tables. In the doorway is where all the toys and more coloring tables are located. In that room is a large window with a view to the outdoor patio. The outdoor patio has a huge water fountain thing and lovely greenery and seating options. Great place to wind down or just get away for a while.

Here is just a glimpse of some of the toys available for play. They also had a few tables filled with crayons and coloring pages.  Plus 2-3 big play houses, kitchens, and tool benches. 

Nemo and Dori even live here!!!! R and I were very excited to see them and we wanted their autograph!!

Vitals for 3.3.16 Hematology visit. Dr. S.
As you can see being at our childrens hospital is so much better than your average joe hospital...

Just a few of the pros.
Always leave with a toy
Known by name
Numbing ointment
Fun stickers
Tv's with movies in every room (& you have the remote)
The same care team/dr with most visits
Running in some hallways is totally fine
Fun posters and wall decor
Toys on your birthday
Child Life Specialist!!!
Animal Therapy during most visits and all hospital stays
Free Snacks and drinks
Free Samples and Coupons

The list could go on and on.
I am so thankful for all those involved in pediatrics. 
R never leaves without a smile on his face and as a parent that is a dream come true.
Of course no one wants to have frequent hospital visits or stays but if you are going to the care we receive at ETCH is the best of the best. 

I am so thankful for this life and for all the people we have met through R's health. 
I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful care team helping us every journey of the way.
Thank you Lord and ETCH for giving my child the best care possible.

**Sidenote on the Hematology appointment. The appointment went great they took 6 viles of blood and R slept through the appt. until the blood draw began. He was a real trooper and only cried for a split second. We do not have any info on how this appt. went at this time we are still waiting on blood work results.**

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