Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hematology 4.4.16

All I can say is,

When the nurse comes in and says she is going to do a max blood draw be prepared for them to suck every drop of blood outta your kiddo.

A "maximum allowable total blood draw volume" is the maximum amount of blood that can be drawn from a child (0-14) based on their weight and can only be performed a certain number of times a year.

This appointment went over great. They got a good vein on the very first prick and after much digging they were able to get the blood to flow. R cried during the initial insertion and during the removal but other than that he was distracted by bubble guppies and child life specialist. He did great and, as always, made me proud.

4.8.16 I called to check the results and we are still waiting on the details but as far as they know all is good. So the hematologist is going to do some more digging just to make sure R is 100% good to go.


When R and I arrived at the clinic he was sleeping away in his carseat. I walked to his side of the car to get him out. When I opened the car door he was screaming in pain with his finger in his ear. When I removed his finger blood had already covered his finger and was dripping out of his ear. Immediately I was very concerned that his ear drum had ruptured. So I unbuckled him from his carseat and gave his ear an exam in the parking lot. I grabbed a q-tip and gently swabbed his ear to remove some of the blood and I used my handy phone flash light to do a quick look-see in his ear canal. I didn't see any scratches, items, or excessive wax. R was still screaming and I was on the verge on joining him since the blood wasn't ceasing. Quickly, I gathered our things and began the long journey to clinic from the parking garage. (of course clinic parking was full) So like a crazy person I ran down the various hallways, with tears running down my cheeks and my child terrified and in pain. Together we ran to the CF clinic (where I had nothing to do there that day) I needed a familiar face that I trusted to help me help R. As I jumped off the elevator into their clinic they knew something was wrong and rushed to my side. Unfortunately, none of our doctors were there at that time so one of the nurses went with us to hematology clinic where we were suppose to be minutes ago. She was wonderful and saved us that day... Anyways, when we got to hematology they were expecting us and swarmed us at the door. By this time R's ear was still bleeding and no one could really see down in there so all we could do was watch at wait. The spectacular nurse who came with us aided me in all the paper work mumbo jumbo and I couldn't had done it without her.

This is after his ear started clotting and had been cleaned up a bit. R was finally not in pain!
After the blood started to clot...

The hematologist came in and looked in R's ear. She assured me that he could still hear, (yes, I was repeating " Please tell me he isn't going to be deaf or hearing impaired") that his ear drum hadn't ruptured, and there were no scratches or signs of damage. Praise the Lord.

Turns out his ear bleed was just a strange occurrence...

Shew, what a day! Blood, blood, and more blood!!

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