Monday, May 23, 2016


**This post is all over the place, therefore, I apologize in advance.**

There are so many ideas that are continually flooding my mind. Some related to CF, some to parenting, some to faith based topics, some to marriage, family, and etc and deciphering between the chaos can be a bit challenging. So far on our journey I have only posted things relevant to R and Cystic Fibrosis however, I believe that I may start adding a few posts on everyday life things. Having a child with CF consists of so much more than just having a child with CF. It consists of various germ prevention procedures, Dr. visits, food tips and tricks, and numerous strategies to keep R thriving. So much goes on behind the scenes in our little ball of fun!

Recently I have had the opportunity to do something that I am very passionate about. I have shared our journey at two churches and I am so blessed and honored to do so. Since then I have really been praying about more speaking engagements and touching the lives of many. The Lord has really been working with me on different topics and opening my eyes to see more than just the surface. I pray that the topics the Lord has sent me I will be able to share with the right groups of people just as he has intended.

In the next few days to week(s) I have all intentions to post on:

  • R's last clinic visit
  • 15 month appointment
  • An update on the allergy situation
  • Our successful Great Strides Walk 2016
  • VBS 2016
  • A Surprise Life Changing Post :)
  • Behind the scenes of CF life
  • Germ Prevention
  • Q&A??
    • In order to have a successful Q&A Questions have to be presented! Please be preparing for this one because I need your help.
  • A video blog
  • Possibly weekly blog post?
  • Possible Jesus "lesson"
So as you can see I have all these "bright ideas" to discuss in the upcoming weeks. There is so much information tucked into my brain the need to be vented to make room for more. My brain is very familiar to my phone it has very little storage space left and I need to clear it out!

A little update on us.

Seth has recently finished his masters degree in education at Tusculum and is on the job hunt. Lord help us! 

I just beat the stomach virus. Eww.

R has established he isn't a fan of meat and would like to live on lemons and mandarin oranges. He can walk very well but chooses to crawl. R refuses to drink out of a sippy cup. He loves to ride in his car, play with balls, and shred paper. He enjoys assisting with the laundry and watching tv in downward dog position. New words are: Gotta go, keys, and ball. He is doing great developmentally and physically. I am so happy to be his mom. Truly words cannot describe my love and admiration for him.  

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