Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 2: 6/7

Happy Tuesday!

Today was a good day, we learned that R has parainfluenza 3 which means that antibiotics will not affect it. He is also still dehydrated so we are keeping him on the fluids. He is still coughing, having issues breathing, and sounds gunky we have seen zero improvement in that department... R has small deep veins which makes getting and keeping an IV difficult his blew today at 1015 in his left hand and we put another one in his right hand. The nurses are all amazed at his strength and it takes at least 6 of us to get an IV. His appetite is still minimal or not present at all. He is also not apt to nurse or drink fluids. He is down weight and that is very alarming to me.  R is still suffering from night terrors and his anxiety is very high here. When the nurses enter the room he instantly starts yelling, "Go,Go!" And waving his hands. It breaks my heart when we are drawing blood, taking a blood pressure, or etc and he is just staring at me with his hurting eyes yelling mama, mama. I just wanna swoop him up and run out the door. My heart shatters hearing my name on his terrified voice knowing that I can't take this from him. It is so difficult to see your child struggle to breathe. It is so painful to see fear in his eyes every time that the door opens. Thankfully R is a warrior and flashes a smile once we say all done. He always provides me with a hug of assurance that he is okay and that I'm doing a good job as his mommy. R continues to amaze me with his winning personality and loving heart. I know that he so strongly desires to get down and play but he is doing so well sitting in my lap and playing with sticker books and watching paw patrol and bubble guppies. I love being able to dedicate 100% of my being to helping him get better. I am so thankful for our care team here. Everything is going smoothly even amiss the storms that arise. I am so blessed that God has given us the opportunity to be here. The chance to get better and receive stellar care is not something that we take for granted. I love this life and my salty boy...

0930 2 orange slices + 1 Creon
1000 steroid + vitamin + prevacid
1030 4oz
1015 IV blew left hand, placed IV in right hand
1100-1200 Nap 3oz
1230 1 apple slice + 1 enzyme
1330 2 bites avacado + 2 bites soup
1600 Nap 4oz
1800 2oz
1930 98.3 temp
2000 8 raisins + 1 Creon

Nose culture showed parainfluenza 3
5 wet diapers
No change in appetite
All respiratory systems still present, no change
Unable to get accurate weight
21.10lb on 6/6/16

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