Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 3: 6/8

Hello Wednesday!

Not much new info to report. R still sounds gunky and has lack of appetite. Treatments and medications are going great! He blew another IV around 5am and we decided to leave it out and see if his desire to drink would return. Since he is IV-less we took advantage of it and let him play in the bath, he loved that. He also enjoyed a nice walk outside and is still enthused about watching DVD's! We have been pushing food, snacks, and juice with little success. Today they took some blood from his finger in a small vile he did awesome. I am so proud of his bravery and strength.

During the night Wednesday, R suffered from severe night terrors and his breathing seemed gunky and forced. He nervous nursed all night, meaning he used me as a pacifier instead of a bottle. Ha.

R is doing good and doesn't mind the hospital life. We have tried to make our room as comfortable as possible and do as many fun activities that we can think of. I have so much peace knowing he is in great hands.

0500 right IV blew
0530 removed IV
0700 took finger blood drops
0720 took bath
0800 unsuccessful weigh in
          98.8 temp
0830 ate 2 cheerios + 1 bite banana + 1 Creon
0830 doc, no more antibiotics, no more fluids, steroid remains. Looking for improvement.
1005 steroids + prevacid + vitamin
1100-1300 nap + 4oz
1330 4 bird peach, 1/2 French fry
1600 outside time
1700 1 bite chicken, 1 bite peach, 3 bird potato 1 Creon
1730 >2oz
1830 fell asleep
2100 nebs

Missed CPT & missed night meds


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