Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hello Bronchitis

Hello Bronchitis!! 

R and I have been battling bronchitis since Sunday-ish. The timeline really went about like this...

Friday: R low appetite (Which doesn't really signify anything in-particular since he isn't a big eater)
Saturday: A little crabby and a low grade fever. 
Sunday:  A little crabby and a low grade fever. (Dosed Motrin at night)
              7:00 pm temp 101.2 (Motrin)
             11:00 pm temp 102.5
              3:27 pm temp 103.1 (Tylenol)
Monday: 9:00 am temp 100.3  (Motrin)
                Very coughy
                Temp. remained all day, dosed Tylenol-Motrin every 4 hours
                A little Crabby
                Did extra albuterol and CPT
Tuesday: Slight cough, difficulty breathing. All breaths sound forced. Difficulty sleeping due to breathing issues...
               Did extra albuterol and CPT
               Turned purple during the night due to productive coughing and breathing issues (SCARY)
Wednesday: Temp. remains 99.9-102.0
                    Dosing meds only when necessary
                    Cough sounds very junky
                    Did extra albuterol and CPT
                    Contacted Clinic
Thursday: Temp broke around 3:30-4:00 am
                Coughing all night along with breathing difficulties
                AM sounds horrible, super junky cough, tight chest, and forced breathing.
                still no appetite since Friday
                12:30 We arrived at clinic for chest xrays (two pictures once on belly, arms above head, picture                     from the top shooting down. 2nd the camera on the side in the same position.)
                All vitals normal during clinic excluding oxygen saturation. It sat at 90 for a long time and I was                     just praying it would rise and slowly it did. It went up to 97 and wouldn't tick any more. R is                         always at 100 except when we were in the hospital for a CF exacerbation.

                Doc said he sounded pretty yucky but his ears, throat, and tummy all looked great. So only his respiratory system is effected. The chest x-ray did not show pneumonia but it did show inflamed bronchial tubes leading to the diagnosis of bronchitis. He said to continue doing the extra treatments, CPT, taking all meds, and to add Azithromycin for the next 5 days. (day 1 do 2.5 ml then for the next 4 days do 1.25ml) If he isn't significantly better by Monday the possibility of admitting him will be very high.

Friday: Man oh man, he sounds awful. Imagine if he smoked about 13 packs of cig's everyday of his life X 12! His breaths sound like someone who has been running a marathon even if he is sitting still. His coughs are so bad that they scare him and me too. He hasn't really ate anything since Friday...

Saturday: So far I see almost zero improvement since we have added the antibiotics... R's cough has been very productive. I see him coughing away while trying to play with his balls then I see him wallowing something around in his mouth which turns out to be nasty goop. Once yesterday after doing nebs he had a very productive coughing session resulting in over two handfuls of goop. It was so hard for him to get up that he turned purple and was terrified since he couldn't catch his breath. I was trying to pat pat pat to increase his breathing, coughing, goop production, and decrease his fear while trying to thoroughly examine the goop in my hands while we were standing in the monsoon outside. Shew, that was a moment and yes it really happened. Thankfully, we made it through it! Once the goop was up he continued to have very productive coughs the remainder of 3 minutes.

Sunday: Since R is on antibiotics I feel his immune system is a little compromised so we will not be attending church today... Anxious to see how he does later today. As of 9:20 am his breaths sound really forced and shallow and his cough is very deep and yucky. I'm hoping that the antibiotics are doing their job and breaking everything up and that is why he sounds so bad but only time will tell..

Did I mention that I am also infected with the bronchitis demon?! YAY!

This has been our life since Friday. We have had little sleep but made many memories from the comfort of the bed. Tickle fights have occupied a lot of our time along with bubble baths! We got a little blow up pool and took R outside to help lower his temp, he loved every second of it. We have taken lots of car rides just to get out of the house and have a change of scenery! (& give mom a break) Our taste buds aren't functioning so well so we have been eating just to sustain life vs enjoyment. (That is the worst part of this demon for me... I have never really had a cold or sinus bugs so not tasting is a whole new world that I did not sign up for.) R doesn't really act like he feels to bad thankfully so he is able to play and do most of his normal activities along with some modifications. I am praying that today we will be cough free or tomorrow Knoxville will be our destiny...

Happy Sunday!

Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be moved, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken not my covenant of peace be removed," says the Lord, who has compassion on you.

Isaiah 54:10


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