Monday, June 6, 2016

Hospital Stay: Round Two: Day 1: 6/6/16

Shew, what a day!

Well last night R's breaths while sleeping remained forced as well as his cough. Therefore, early this morning I decided to call clinic since he wasn't drastically better. He also had a strange rash appear on Sunday which has continued to spread....

We arrived at the pulmonary office at 12:30 and were quickly informed that we would soon be admitted since R hadn't improved. The doc believed that R wasn't going to improve on oral antibiotics and wasn't optimistic about his health if we chose not to be admitted. This stay could be a few days to a month...

As the team was preparing for our stay we made a mad dash to the target to grab some clothes, food, soap, diapers, and etc. Since this was a same day admit we were unable to return home to gather our things and I wasn't comfortable sending someone in our mess to attempt to locate our belongings...

Since we have been here we have had x-rays, blood draws, signed papers, answered questions, got an IV, and received our first dose of antibiotics and steroids. (+ All our normal meds and treatments)

Antibiotic: rocephin/ceftriaxone 600mg every 24 hours via IV
Steroid: Prednisolone/orapred 4.5ml orally 1x daily

This is our first stay here and so far it's going above and beyond. We are blessed with our care team and look forward to R feeling 100% again.

We are still waiting on the culture results from last week and the x-ray results from earlier today.

8:30pm 98.5 temp
              Unsuccessful BP
               97 oxygen saturation
9:30pm 1st dose Prednisolone
              Weight 21.10 (lost weight since Thursday      and since 15mo shot appt)

It is well...

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