Tuesday, August 16, 2016

18 Months...

Dear blog, I haven't forgotten you. I have missed your sweet comfort in moments of overwhelm-ment. But I have been very very busy you see...

First off, R endured another bronchoscopy shortly after our hospital stay. Praise the Lord all was well and no infection or bacteria was found. He did awesome pre, during, and post procedure. This was the first time that he was given the "happy juice" if you were to imagine a drunken, loving, clumsy, hugging and kissing tiny human that would be the best description of how he felt. It was the goofiest I have ever seen him anyone be. Honestly though, I don't believe that it helped with the anxiety associated with the day... It is heartbreaking to read fear all over his face. Thankfully, I know that he is in great hands but I would be lying if I said that no tears fall when they wheel him away. It feels like an eternity sitting in the waiting room looking for the doctor to walk through the door. This time I felt more prepared than times in the past. I was aware of how long the procedure took and about how long it took for the doc to inform us of how it went. I also had gotten R some new toys to help cope with the difficult day. They worked wonders during pre-op, post-op all he wanted was to nurse and nap. I could have lived in that moment forever. Holding my hero who was still trembling in fear but was safe in my arms. He cuddled up and laid there for about an hour while we were getting discharged. I am so thankful that all went great. He truly is so brave and strong. Not all people could endure what he does and remain so joyful. God has a purpose for my child that we cannot comprehend but I strongly believe that he has great things planned for him.

Below are some images taken from R's latest Bronch. All looked great. Beautiful, clean, and healthy lungs!!

Seth has been on the job hunt for months and has recently been employed at Jefferson County High School. He is doing great and loves what he does. We just moved in to an apartment very close to the school and so far so good. It is very strange to not be in Greeneville but it is a wonderful experience for my family. I am so thankful we found a place to live it was a challenging hunt finding the perfect place but God placed this apartment right in our lap. Reminder to self, not Tanner's timing but Gods.

R is currently around 10.2K and 82.5 tall. He enjoys playing with dinosaurs, balls, and cars. He loves to make the dinosaurs rawwwrrr, the balls fly, and the cars GO GO GO! He is so full of life and is going all day. R loves to go outside and ride in his little car. His favorite shows are Wallykazam, Bubble Guppies, and Paw Patrol. He dislikes Dora and brings you the remote when it comes on. (He didn't enjoy the Olympics either and would repeat "Toons" until you changed the channel.) His favorite food would be french fries, drink would be lemonade, and dessert would be a cooookkiieess!! His vocabulary grows daily so far he says, Momma, Daddy, Lela, Bentley, Ball, Car, Go, Dinosaur, Where'd it go?, What's That, Cookie, Ine-Ine (to nurse), Bites, Bye, Hello, No, Rawr, Birds, Tree, Vroom, Uh-Oh, Night-Night, Thank you, Juice, and Oh Goodness. He loves bath time and going night nights. He does still suffer severely from night terrors and sleep issues. However, he loves the process of going to sleep, He usually takes one nap around 1-3:30. His appetite is still minimal and he isn't a big drinker via sippy cup either but we are working on both of these things! The only way we can go is up!! He is a wonderful little guy to be around! His personality is so perfect with a tiny bit of temper.... He loves to play with his puppies and the Bradley Clan. B is definitely his best friend, (excluding his mom) His fav. restaurant would be chik fil a. Grilled Nuggets, Fries, Lemonade, and one tiny bite of a cookie! What Else? R is running everywhere, destroying everything, and laughing all the time. He is doing everything he should be and more. I cannot believe he is 18 months old. Whew, where has time gone?

He has loads of teeth, probably 16!!! Thankfully, he has never complained of their discomfort!

He remains in 12 and 18 months clothes. Size 4 diapers. Size 6 shoe.

He still suffers from food and skin allergies. Recently we learned he is also allergic to cantelope. That was a scary one! He broke out with whelps, ran a temp for 38 hours, was lethargic, no appetite, and had diarrhea. Needless to say no more cantelope.

Night terrors still remain and are getting worse. We are in the process of getting a sleep test scheduled. Over the past 8-10 days during his sleep he will moan and wiggle around like he is in discomfort. The only thing that soothes him is to nurse and be held. These episodes occur about every 15 minutes during sleep. It is so awful to watch him unhappy and afraid. I hope we will find answers to aide in his sleep issues.

R still does really well taking medications and doing treatments. He isn't a fan of starting them but usually just a few minutes in and he is good to go. When I say R it's time to do vest he will go hide in the corner... Some days are just as hard as the very first treatment. We just cry and scream together. It's perfectly fine to not be okay all the time. Sometimes the tears have to fall in order to stay sane...

What Else, What Else?

R loves bubbles and would watch you blow them all day long.

His anemia is getting worse and is almost a concern. His iron levels continue to drop and they will be addressed on the 31st.

Seth recently was diagnosed with a genetic blood issue and we see a genetics soon to get R tested as well.

I believe our allergist appointment is approaching too, can't wait to see how that goes.

So as you can see, we have been so busy with life that I haven't really felt the urge to blog. By the time 8:00 hits I'm putting my head on the pillow calling it a day. But today I felt the desire to document what we have been into this month. I can't believe that we have relocated to Jefferson County and that my little man is 18 months old. He is so much more than I could have ever imagined. He is funny, loving, caring, and full of joy. My heart outside my body is him. He is my life and every beat of my heart is due to him. His health is doing really well right now and that is such a relief. He is growing, thriving, and loving life. I am so thankful for him and for this life. I love every day of my life. I love spending every second with my child. We have a bond that most parents don't have the opportunity to have with their child and I am so blessed to have the chance to dedicate all my time to him.  Everyday I am living a dream spending every second with my hero...

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