Friday, September 9, 2016

Allergy & Cllinic Appointment

Allergy Appointment: August 29 2016

The time for our 6mo. post allergy appointment has arrived. We arrived early and our wait was minimal, woohoo!! The allergist is wonderful and i fully reccomend his clinic. I'm not sure if i have mentioned this before or not but he worked in CF clinic before transitioning to Allergy and Asthma Affliates. He asked a few questions about R's overall health anzd took a few notes. Once i summed up the past 6 months he advised thay r's weight wasn't where he wanted it to be. He also said since his allergies are not improving and he has had new reactions that we shoould not begin introducing the allergy foods. We should also be careful when eating foods for the first time. He prescribed r flonase 1x daily and Metulcast 1 chewie pill once at night.


Clinic Appointment: August 31 2016

Thankfully, we had a clinic appointment approaching. On the 25th r's lungs sounded tight and he didn't act himself. I knew something was brewing inside him but i remained calm knowing clinic was in a few days. As the week progressed r began coughing, runny nose, and pop rocks were active in his chest. Shew, Wednesday couldnt get here fast enough! When we arrived to clinic all went great!

Dietary: she was okay with his growth and eating habits. She wants us to keep trying new things and monitor his stools for any signs of needing more enzymes. (Signs would include:greasy/shiney stools, super foul smelling, diarrhea, constipation, and change of color or texture to name a few)

Vitals: all of his vitals were good and his weight remained as above. Aparently last time we took vitals he was taller than this day so he is either shrinking or the measurements were wrong. Oh well, mistakes happen!

Pulmonolgist: one listen was all it took for her to say, "I think we should start antibiotics and steroids don't you momma?" I quickly agreed! I knew going into this appoinyment that something had taken home in his body. No matter how many precautionary measure i take viruses and bacteria still find a doorway. She said he didn't sound too too bad but she could tell he was struggling to breathe and that his airways were inflammed.....we discussed the medications that the allergist prescribed and she agreed that they would be beneficial for R. She wasn't too concerned about his weight gain or new allergies. Just something to keep an eye on. No other changes, yada yada see you in 2 weeks.

1.5ml Cefdinir 2x daily for 14 days
.7ml prednisolone for 3 days 2x daily then .7 for 3 days once a day

After clinic we learned that r cultured rhinovirus and nothing bacterial or fungal. Praise the Lord.

We are doing great. R loves the new house and we are loving life. On September 1st we took his first trip to meet my family in Ohio (Dr. Approved of course) He had a blast and made so many memories with wonderful family. I am beyond thankful for my family andd the suppport system they provide for r.

God is good, all the time.
Al the time, God is good.

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