Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Quick Update

Recently, we had a clinic appointment and a sleep evaluation.

At clinic it was short and sweet. We saw a PA who said that the antibiotics and steroids did their job and we were clean to stop them. His lungs sounded good and his growth was fine. Easy peasy!

Next was the sleep appointment. We were there for about 3-4 hours mainly waiting. Our time with the doc may have been 7 minutes? Anyways, everything went good. R's weight was good from the clinic visit and he was in good spirits. The sleep place is very nice and has a special playground which we enjoyed before and after the visit. The people were very accommodating and didn't mind me asking if we could weight outside and if they would wear gown and glove. They seemed pleased to help keep R as safe as possible and that made my heart happy. The doc agreed that R could have sleep issues from CF, from being an 18 month old kiddo, or he could truly have a sleep concern like sleep apnea etc. So they have recommended us having a sleep study performed in the near future. I was very concerned about R staying somewhere with lots of other "sick" kiddos so we are working on making his night when there aren't many children. I was truly blown away by how kind and accomadating they were for us. Having a special kiddo does require a few special things and it is very helpful when others are willing to be of assistance. I am so blessed for all of those wonderful people at the sleep center.

Yes, I am very concerned about R being traumatized by the process of a sleep study and all the things that accompy that....

R is doing great and loving life. For the past two days he has been a wee bit coughy and moody. His breaths smell alittle different but I'm hoping I'm just overanalyzing things. We are also starting potty training! So many fun days at the Bragdon household.  R is loving books and we are reading all the time. His favorite is when we have devotions at night. R cuddles and Bible study is the best way to end any day. R is growing up so fast and I'm just trying to capture every moment and enjoy this ride. I am truly blessed beyond belief to be his momma. I cannot thank the Lord enough for this child whom I love whole heartedly.

Romans: 15:13
The sleep study place is so nice! The facility is very large and encouraging. This is the room where they have appointments and perform the studies. There is a TV, Murphy bed, and a bed for the parents. There is also a bathroom in each room. All the medical devices are tucked away in a closet so you can't even see them. There is a camera facing the med for the child from the ceiling which they monitor in the hallway. I was blown away by how this facility was. (We had been here before for the oral evaluation but located in another area.)

Murphy bed and all the equipment tucked away.

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