Friday, December 30, 2016

The Ongoing Sickness

12.9 Cultured enter/rhino virus
12.12-19 More frequent greasy stools (some diarrhea). Rashy skin, runny nose, thick semi-clear mucus, sleeping horrible, fighting sleep, crying/screaming throughout the night, night sweats, some night temperatures, lack of appetite (mainly eating berries, watermelon, marshmellows, and deli turkey) nursing is only liquid intake
12.20 Says please often and accurately
12.22 Severe mucusy stools
12.23 pink cheeks returned
12.26 Hulk green snot, loads and loads of snot
12.27 Told dinosaur "sorry" because he knocked it over (first time saying sorry and he said it accurately without encouragement)
12.29 Threw up loads of mucus and got choked during. (over 1/2+) cup. Started Bactrim 2.5 ml(antibiotic) had mild allergic reaction. (chin and neck turned red with tiny whelps appeared to be itchy, he had this reaction last time we tried the bactrim) Still runny nose, greasy stools, lack of food/liquid intake, sleep issues still present. Went to the hospital to get a bacterial culture before starting antibiotics.
12.30 Changed antibiotics from bactrim (sulfamethoxazolone/trimethoprim) to augmentin (amox/clav) (+grape flavoring) Got florajen4kids (probiotics) R enjoyed raspberries for the second time ever

  • R is truly battling the bugs inside and unfortunately they are winning.... He has tons upon tons of hulk green snot. It is so bad that he is constantly mouth breathing and during sleep he snores like a grown man! We tried bactrim yesterday, which is an antibiotic, and he had an allergic reaction to it again. We tried it in the past and he reacted the same way so we decided to switch from the bactrim to augmentin in hopes of helping his body win the battle. Before started antibiotics we went to the hospital and did a bacterial culture to see if there are any bugs growing in there, unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to have a viral cultured performed as well. R not feeling well really affects his sleep and eating habits. During sleep his night terrors are greatly increased in frequency and intensity. He snores all night and it poses an issue to nurse when you can't breathe through you nose. His appetite is gone and the only foods he will eat is fruits and the occasional marshmallow. During the day the struggle is real to get in any liquid intake and his urinary output is only like once a day (which is usually in the potty, woohoo!)  His stools are still very mucusy and have been floating which means they are fatty, def. something to bring up at clinic on the 11th. 
  • Today, R went to the movies for the first time! Since he is about to start antibiotics we felt it was the perfect time to take a risk and enter the world. He did really well, we saw sing and it was really really good! I am so thankful that we got to go as a family and we all had a wonderful time. I love spending time and making memories with my tiny human. 
  • R loved Christmas! He enjoyed seeing family, seeing the Christmas lights, and all the presents. He did great at opening the gifts and is still fascinated by all of his new things. He was blessed with so much stuff this year we need a storage unit to contain it all. I am so thankful for wonderful family and friends to spend the holidays with. During the family events R wore a mask and not once did he complain or try to take it off. I am so thankful that he tolerates his mask so well. He is such a good kid I am so beyond blessed to be his mom. He has the best personality and attitude! Spending the holiday with him made me that happiest person alive. I was so excited to see his face on Christmas that I couldn't even sleep, I felt like I was 9 years old again, actually, it was way better than that!! Santa brought him a little table with chairs and a easel with loads of supplies for crafty items. We love to do crafts and R really learns so much from them. We intend to start preschool at home after his birthday. I look forward to learning with him watching his brain and our relationship grow. 
*I feel like I have so much to write about but for now this shall do. The tiny human needs a hot shower to open him up and hopefully help him sleep too. Something to has to give soon, I am so over seeing him be yucky. (& we are both exhausted from the lack of sleep) * 

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