Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Clinic Turned Admittance

5 days ago we started the augmentin at home with hopes of seeing improvement, unfortunately, that was not the case. R continued to cough, refuse to eat or drink, and maintained a snotty nose. On Sunday his activity level began to decrease and by Tuesday he was choosing to lay in the floor with a blankies and watch toons. This was a sign to me that it was time for clinic and possibly a hospital stay...

Thankfully our wonderful clinic was able to squeeze us in today and check him checked out. Once again, he was down weight and up in height. His urinary output is low and his lungs are kinda junky. His culture did come back showing haemophilus influenzae, a bacteria located in his lungs. This could be the culprit for his ongoing issues.

Today we started an IV on his left inner arm and ran Tobi and ceftazidime through it. We are monitoring his urinary output before we start fluids. Today he ate 3 French fries, 2 bites of chicken, an orange slice, and 3 slices of canned peace. No liquid intake until 2100 hours. Less than 150 ml urinary output.

He is doing really well so far in hospital life. Thankfully, I had packed our bags just in case and got a few new toys to make the stay a mini vacation. They have great movie channels and he is really enjoying the new shows! We brought some colorful lights and strung in his room which he loved and showed all the nurses. He has been so polite and telling everyone please and thank you, even the lovely ladies who got his IV going. He did so well during the placement that he got to pick a toy from the treasure box. Of course he picked a dog, Clifford the big red dog to be exact. He did really well with treatments today and had some productive coughs so I know he is working hard! Living with CF is a full time job like requires every ounce on physical and emotional energy you got! I couldn't imagine being a CF warrior they have strength beyond belief. I am in total admiration for each of them, especially the one I made.

Not really sure what the plan is for tomorrow or for our stay... But I'm thankful to be here. Us and another CF patient took the last rooms available available to us. I am so thankful that we weren't sent to another hospital for treatment. The people here truly make you feel like family and the hospital feel like home...

We are doing good enjoying each other's company and we embrace this battle together. His fight is my fight and I will never leave his side. So thankful my God gave me this life, being a mother to a hero is a breathtaking journey. (No pun intended)

ceftazidine at 1530
IV @ 1400
tobi 1700
 3 peach slices, 2 orange slices 1545,
 98 O2
95 O2

_-_ . . . Always pray, and never give up. _-_ Luke 18:1

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