Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday Jan 13 '17

Friday the the 13th, hide!

Today was a great day! R took a good bath for over an hour and then he went on a walk around the halls. We gave him Tylenol prior to and he powered through it. I was so proud of him! He stopped a few times and said it hurt but he continued on! His button site looks awesome and was a little more goopy today but that's totally okay. Around 2100 we noticed some blood around it on the dressing so we gave it a good cleaning and all is well. He is doing 30 cc over 16 hours tonight. Praying that he will tolerate it well and not spew elecare all over the bed, again. R still screams any time you mention his button or touch his shirt. His button isn't sore but he is afraid of the pain. I know it isn't causing him much discomfort because in the bath he was poking it and spinning it around without blinking an eye. We are doing various things to help him be okay with it an it will just take some time for him to become accepting of it in his body. R is very smart and sometimes it takes him longer to be okay with new things.

All the docs believe that he is doing great and should go home sometime next week. Gi thinks the tubie looks awesome, dietary has set up a feeding plan, and pulmonary says his lungs sound wonderful. Praise the Lord for all the good news.

11.5 K
O2 99%
120/8 BP
Heart rate 126

Still on the cefdinir 2x daily
Still no IV

Please continue to remember all the people here and their families. There are many children here who have RSV and it is spreading like wildfire. Be very careful if you are visiting someone with a small child or someone in the hospital RSV is easily spread to others.

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