Saturday, January 7, 2017

Friday Jan. 6 '17

Today was a good day. We had the opportunity to speak with GI and ENT. They were both very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. We will see them again on Monday to talk through a few more details and establish a plan of action.

((GI came to talk about R weight and the possibility of putting in a gtube. ENT came to discuss the laryngeal cleft that was seen during the bronch. ))

I was finally able to talk everyone into running fluids 24 hours and it has helped so much. R looks so much better and certainly feels better too. We are still doing tobi every 24 and ceftazidime every 8 along with vital checks every 3 hours. Respiratory comes in three times a day and does therapy and treatments. R does very well doing treatments and works hard to clear his lungs.

His appetite is still very minimal and his only liquid intake is the occasionally nursing session. His lungs sound so much better and his cough is beginning to go away.

He weighed 11.5k again today.
His O2 remained around 98
BP 110/60
Temp 97.5
R had a bath today
Stooled in bathtub. Ha
Urinary output increased.
Strong urine smell due to antibiotics use and low liquid intake

We are still waiting for culture results to know what's really going on inside his lungs.

Things are going great and we are moving right along. R still has the IV in from Wednesday and I look for it to be changed very soon. He has been having super itchy hands on his palms and has a small rash on his back. He is still living on berries and melon ha. But doing good. So thankful to be here and for specialty doctors. It was great to see ENT and GI today. I learned so much and it made decisions regarding his health much easier.

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