Saturday, January 7, 2017

Saturday Jan. 7'17

Today was a beautiful snow day! We had dinner delivered to us and got our tummies full, thank you! We looked out the window at the snow and watched people travel thru it. We were thankful to be inside in the warm.

We saw the pulmonologist today who said we were still waiting on the bronch culture, the Tobi blood draw, and the vitamin blood work. RS lungs sound good and we will keep on keeping on for now!

Weight 12K
Increase urinary output
O2 99%
BP 120/80
Temp 97.8

Today was pretty calm, we watched hours of Peppa pig and remained pretty lazy. We did have to change his IV today because it started leaking fluid. Then a few hours later he somehow ripped it out of his right hand so we put a new one in his left arm again.

No changes in meds or therapy.

Today he ate some fruit, a few fries, and a little bit of a hot dog. Nursed 2x. Napped1-3.  Had 2 IVs placed one removed. Was gifted his own stethoscope and he loves it. Now hides from the nurses under the blanket and cracks up when they find him.  He is doing great this stay!

Still on all meds
Hypersal 7%
Florajen probiotics
Creon 12,000
IV fluids

We are doing great! Please remember all those who are here and so those taking care of them. So blessed with our hospital and our team!

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