Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sunday 8 - Monday 9 '17

Sunday and Monday were both easy days. Doing IV fluids and antibiotics. R ate very little and drank very little. He is sleeping better and his personality is coming through like before. He is beggining to get more active and like a bull to keep in the bed ha.

On Sunday he weighed 12 k
Monday weight was 11.7K
O2 remained around 98 both days
Monday his IV was looking rough and bruisy so we changed that to his left hand.

I'm sure more has happened but my brain can't think of anything else. As r becomes more himself his activity increases and my time to blog decreases! So for now this is it folks.

Thanks for the love and prayers. You guys are great.

Don't forget to remember all the patients and employees here. There are so many people working hard to help others in this building it's a blessing to watch.

Oh yeah, lungs are still sounding clear and we are working hard to keep them that way.

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