Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tuesday January 10 '17

11.7 k
96 O2
110/68 BP
97.2 temp
NPO since 1900 on 01/09/17

Still on fluids, tobi, and ceftazidime.
Still doing all normal medications

0800: morning meds.
0820: CPT and albuterol then hypersal
0900: roll out of bed and get ready for the day
0910: met with the anethesia lady to sign papers and discuss the plans for anethesia associated with the placement surgery. Confirmed all his allergies and answered various questions.
0930: informed that the gtube placement will be moved up from 1200 to 1100
0940-1130 get in loads of snuggles and pray that the good Lord watches over my little human during the procedure and pray for all those involved in the task
1140: moved to the 4th floor for preop
1145: O2 97, r pooped.
1150: happy juice was administrated via IV
1152: r becomes so goofy and his little head and body become limp and noodly.
1200: they come to take him to the surgery room. Send loads of love, prayers, high fives, and a huge kiss on the head while saying I love you so dearly.
1201: cherish the moment they wheel him away.
1202: try not to cry and run after him once he realizes that you aren't going with him. Be strong and say love you one more time as he is screaming with outstretched hands mmmooommmmmmaaaa...
1205: go sit in the waiting room with various other families.
1207: make observation of people waiting and attempt to determine while their child is here.
1210: eat snacks since your child is NPO and will be until after 1600.
1215: dispose of snacks and pick up on various conversations on your way to and from the trashcan.
1217: talk to your neighbor jokingly about how long that man has been in the bathroom.
1218: really hope he isn't their family.
1219: huge sigh of relief once they laugh and agree it should be closed down after he exits.
1221: watch people come in and out of the waiting room. Watch their response as the Dr comes and informs them how it all went.
1222: do not look at the clock or be concerned. They said it would only take 15 minutes in and out and another 15 in post op. It's only been 22 no biggie.
1224: update friends and family who thought this was taking forever since it was intended to begin at 1100.
1226: casually talk to the nice folks in front of you about their son and his eating habits. As they complain about how much food he eats simply laugh and say well my kiddo never eats... Kinda one of the reasons while we are here. Laugh and they regret their previous words.
1228: inform the nice people in front of you what cystic fibrosis is. Explain how Jesus has a plan and let your light shine.
1230: congratulate the nice people on their sons successful surgery as they exit the room.
1232: check out Pinterest for some gtube recipes. Pin away.
1235: reexamine the room. Check out the new faces and see first hand the diversity of family dynamics.
1237: say a little prayer thanking the Lord for your family. Pray for your tiny human and then check the clock.
1240: 40 minutes in and no update. Don't me concerned yet. R is a super strong boy, probably needed more meds than most.could have already ripped out gtube. Could be fighting anethesia. The list goes on.
1242: stare out the door and look for the doctor.
1243: wish you would have packed more snacks.
1244: talk to family member about their future ventures.
1245: joke with family member about the crazy family talking about narcolepsy 6 chairs down. (As one of their members sleep with headphones blaring rock music)
1250: Dr enters.
1251: gather belongs, take one last look at the people waiting, give them a smile so they know all was well, and say a prayer for their family member as you walk to the little room where the results are discussed.
1252: The doc says, all went great. We were in and out in 9 minutes. He looked awesome inside and we didn't really see what the ENT was concerned about but would still have them check it out. Keep him NPO until after 4 then we can start oral and tube feeds. He will be in post op for about 30-45 min so go ahead and wait in his room.
1300: thank the Lord multiple times as you walk to your room.
1305:update family on the success of the placement.
1307: watch the kardasians and laugh because it is from like 2011.
1310: cuddle in bed and see how lonely it be without tiny human
1313: thank the family members who came with you.
1315: really begin missing tiny human
1317: watch more gtube placement surgeries. Tried to be prepared for how he will return
1330: tiny human returns. Very confused and tired. Cuddle tiny human, thank the Lord more,  and gently snuggle. DO NOT TOUCH GTUBE OR DRAINAGE DEVICE.
1332: tiny human asleep
1400: tiny human still sleeping
1406: vitals, all perfect
1500: still sleeping, vitals again, perfect
1530; tiny human awakes, vitals again, perfect.
1532: watch Peppa pig with tiny human and express much love
1600: surgical team comes and checks out the patient, all looks perfect. He did great. No issues or concerns
1630: vitals, good
1632: try to wiggle tiny human screams in pain. Can a nurse. Administer Tylenol.
1700: change gtube dressing. Remove drainage device and hook up feeds. Patient very uncomfortable, slightly in pain, and very tired.
1710: start tube feeds, elecare formula, 30 ml
1730: patient back asleep

Around 6 r was still in pain and couldn't rest. The Tylenol wasn't really cutting his pain. He didn't really wanna nurse, eat, or drink anything. His IV was really sore along with his gtube area. He was very irritable, afraid, and uncomfortable. Respiratory came in around 830 and did albuterol and pulmozyme. We skipped hypersal so he wouldn't cough and hurt his tummy we skipped CPT as well. R remained pretty droggy throughout the late afternoon. We did nighttime meds thru the tube around 9pm and prepped for bed. He nursed a little bit and fell asleep until 11 when his pain spiked and we administered moriphine via IV. Before the moriphine his heart race was above 160, his respirations were fast and shallow, and he was obviously in alot of pain. I forgot to mention that post surgery r had a temp for about 12-16 hours. His temp is usually 97ish and it said about 100. Once we got the moriphine going his body calmed down and he slept for a few hours. Around 1am I heard him moaning and shortly after he threw up loads of formula and we stopped the tube feeds for the night. We did Tylenol every 4 hours and checked his temp every hour. The night was rough and he didn't sleep much. He wouldn't let me leave his side and I had to keep reassuring him that I had him.... Post surgery was pretty hard on him and his body but he was a warrior and fought all the pain and discomfort!

Tuesday was rough! Thankfully his gtube site looks awesome and the Tylenol is doing its job so we don't have to do the moriphine. R was pretty tired all day and that made the day fly by. I'm so thankful the Lord watches over him during the procedure and I pray he aids r during his recovery.

Gtube procedure in the books.

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  1. 2430 glad to hear that r (and you) are doing okay. These challenging times are making you stronger in ways that you never would have imagined before r came into your life. Stay strong cf mama - you've got this.